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Wellness massages

Simon Camenzind, physical- and manual therapist
Florian Fercher, masseur + personal trainer
Sabina Schmidt, cosmetics and massages

Our wellness massages are designed for relax and well feeling. Our therapists will counsel you with pleasure and recommend you massages and wellness treatements.
• You will find medical therapies →here
Body massage 55 min. 96.00
partial massage 25 min. 52.00
Relax massage 25 min. 83.00
Reflexology 55 Min. 97.00
massage of the neck 15 min. 45.00
Lomi Lomi Nui 80 min. 150.00
A deeply relaxing whole body oil massage. "Lomi-Lomi" means massaging and kneading. This hundreds of years old body treatment bases on the conviction that illnesses can not arise, when body, mind and soul are in a relaxed condition. The sense of this massage is to create relaxation, to unblock hardenings and to move pain spots gently and insistently out of the body.
Matterhorn Hot Stone Massage 60 min. 125.00
Hot Stone is a combination of massage and the pleasant action of warm stones. Smooth, round, warm lava stones are the basis of this treatment. The whole body will be energised and revitalised. The combination of massage and "old wisdom" makes the hot stone treatment a unique and rewarding method which helps us to bring harmony and balance into our lives.
Relax massage based on Esalen 55 min. 96.00
85 min. 135.00
lymphatic draining 40 min. 77.00
Salt or hay packs 20 min. 39.00
Reiki (japanese therapy) 25 min. 52.00
Cleopatra bath in the jacuzzi 'Hydroxeur' 20 min. 48.00
aromatic baths in the jacuzzi 'Hydroxeur' 20 min. 31.00

Treatments not cancelled at least 24 hours before will be charged.
massage brine application inhalation physiotherapy osteopathy wrappings solarium
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