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Beauty and cosmetics

We use APINATURA products for our beaty treatments in the Hotel Salina Maris. They are based on the power of the bees. The products are developed and and the bees are grown nearby in the Valais.

Direction: Sabina Schmidt, cosmetics and massages


slimmingbaths, anticellulite massages, body peeling & slimming packs week 525.00
day 155.00
 "Relax and float"
relaxing baths and massages, packs & body peeling week 575.00
day 175.00
 "Waltzing waves"
Foot and leg massages, cold packs for the legs with seaweed extracts 55 min. 95.00

 Men special • Beauty for men

facial treatment with a relaxing massage 100 min. 135.00
peeling of the back combined with a relaxing massage of the back 40 min. 70.00
Depilation chest or back 55.00

 Cosmetic hand and foot treatment

hand treatment 40 min. 56.00
    additional with manicure and massage 70 min. 89.00
foot treatment 55 min. 76.00
    additional with pedicure and massage 85 min. 110.00

 Beauty facial and body treatment

CLASSIC: Cleaning, peeling, purification, correction of
    the eyebrows, massage (face and decolté),
    mask, creme
100 min. 135.00
 SENSITIV - for sensitive skin: cleaning, peeling,
    massage, mask, cream
55 min. 91.00
 ANTI AGING: cleaning, peeling, cold massage,
    mask, cream
70 min. 107.00
 Luxurious body peeling 55 min. 60.00


tinting of the eyelashes and the eyebrows 30.00
tinting of the eyelashes 25.00
tinting of the eyebrows 15.00
correction of the eyebrows 30.00
 Depilation    (with wax)
upperlip and chin 20.00
 face 30.00
half of the legs 60.00
entire legs 70.00
bikini zone 35.00
underarms 35.00
chest or back 55.00

Treatments not cancelled at least 24 hours before will be charged.
cosmetics massage brine application inhalation physiotherapy osteopathy wrappings solarium
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